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The Origins

Kiff is a surname which can be traced directly back to the 1700's and when William Kiff was married to Elizabeth in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, England. There are occurrences of the name in the 1500's and 1600's but none that seem to carry forward to the present day. It may well derive from or have a common heritage with Kift, Kief, Kyft and several others. The 1700's being a time when most could not write and those that could used a very fancy "font". With these forms of handwriting it is very easy to see many forms of spelling from a single word.

Are you a Kiff?

Are you or someone you know a Kiff? or were a Kiff? or does the name feature in your ancestry? If so send us an email to say hello. We would also like details of Kiff's to add to the Kiff Family Tree especialy those who may be attached to the English (UK) tree. We would need details of parent's, grand parents etc at least back to 1900. At present the tree spans from 1720 to the 1900's, it only features details of a few families after 1900, because this is the hardest to get (due to the sheer numbers involved) and contains the names of several hundred individuals.

Newsletter & Membership

It is with great regret that I have to announce that the secretary for the past 2 years  Peter Kiff of Wallingford died suddenly on 27 January 2003.  Peter was dedicated to the origins of the Kiff surname and had been one of the founder members of the society he will be (has been) greatly missed.

The One Name Study Newsletter is now to be produced by Peter Kiff (of Kent) and is available to Members of the study although it is our aim to reproduce most of the newsletter on these pages.

Membership to the study costs 15 and entitles you to copies of the latest Kiff and Kift family trees and at least two newsletters a year (depending on information obtained). The newsletters are full versions of those featured on the website and contain additional data.   Additional fees are charged to all members in subsequent years if additional funds are required, and this may include additional postage costs for non UK members.   Members who elect to receive the newsletter by email (pdf format) will not be charged postage!!

Kiff Families

The UK family tree has been split in to Kiff family units that is to say a Male & his spouse and any children. If those children have families of their own then they will be indexed as a new family unit also. At present there are 340 families indexed which means at least 680 persons. Most of the families had a lot of children many of which did not go on to have children of their own. So you can see, we have details of well over 1,000 Kiff's. Details of Kiffs overseas are being added at present

Issue 33

This Newsletter has items on;

Issue 32

This Newsletter has items on;

Issue 19

The Current One Name Study Newsletter has items on; Editorial page 1, 1999 Kiff Reunion page 2, Francis Joseph Kiff page 3, Research Undertaken page 4,  Help Wanted page 5


If you have any comments on the One Name Study part of the website please feel free to email   (remove "twat") with likes, dislikes, things missing or presentation issues (can you read it ok? etc,.)

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