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KIFF One Name Study

Secretary: Lori-Ann Foley
St Helier, Jersey
Channel Islands, UK

Issue 16

Autumn 1997

Kiff One Name Study Newsletter

Abbotts Langley Parish Church, Hertfordshire

Issue 16, Autumn 1997


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"Transported beyond the Seas"

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Branch Updates

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The Unknown Warrior 

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Research Undertaken

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Harry James Kiff, born ?

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GRO Certificates

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Page 1

The photograph on this issue's cover is of Abbot's Langley Parish Church, Hertfordshire, sent in by Peter Kiff.  This church will have been well-known to many of the Kiffs on the Hertfordshire tree.

And now apologies for being out of touch for a while.  A wonderful and interesting fortnight's holiday was followed by an equally interesting illness, which although not serious, did leave me unable to deal with everything I usually do.  Finally feeling fully recovered, I have waded through all the fascinating information you have kindly sent in since the last newsletter, the results of which follow.

We have a number of updates to our Kiff and Kift trees, as well a new branch to try and fit on to the Devon tree.  With all the new and corrected information, I hope to get updated trees out in time for the next Kiff Day.  So please continue to send in your updates and corrections.

And now my usual begging section - the newsletter cupboard is once again looking very bare.  So any articles, snippets of information or interesting facts will be gratefully received.

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Page 2

"Transported beyond the Seas" by Ken Griffin

This is the title of the first special publication of the Hertfordshire Family and Population History Society and it is an alphabetical listing of criminals prosecuted in Hertfordshire who received transportation sentences to Australia between 1784 and 1866.

When Lori-Ann Foley ordered a copy, she noticed that amongst the many hundreds of people who found themselves sentenced to transportation were two Kiffs, a Robert and a Thomas.

Robert Kiff, of St Peters, St Albans, was 27 when he went on trial in 1842, appearing before the Liberty of St Albans Easter Sessions. He was charged with "breaking and entering a dwelling house", where he made off with "a hen fowl 1/0d property of John Sibley".

Thomas Kiff, of St Albans, aged 33, appeared at the same sessions as Robert, when he was charged with "stealing from the person".  His haul was made up of "3 halfcrowns, a shilling and a sixpence, property of David Smith".

Both men received a sentence of 10 years and on 5th October 1842 were on the ship Earl Grey when it departed for Australia.  The captain of the ship was Alexander S Mollison, the surgeon was Colin A Browning.  The ship arrived in Van Diemen's Land on 14th January 1843.

A look at the Kiff family tree for a Robert born circa 1815 and a Thomas born circa 1809 reveals two sons of James Kiff and Catherine Russell.  Robert was christened on 11th December 1814 at St Michaels.  He appears on the 1841 census, living at Fishpool Street with his mother and 3 of his brothers.  Robert hadn't appeared on any further censuses, so it seems we now know where he went.

Thomas was christened on 21st January 1808 in St Michaels.  The 1841 census shows him living with his wife, Susannah/Susan Cockle, his two children James and Mary, and his future sister-in-law, Ann Penny in Fishpool Street, next door to Robert.  The 1851 census reveals that Susan, still in Fishpool Street and working as a straw plaiter, is married with three children.  But no husband is listed.  This fits in if the Thomas who was transported to Australia is the Thomas who married Susan.

The only anomaly is the third child, Eliza, who was born in 1847, and another child attributed to this family, Ann, bc 1854.  It seems that if Thomas did go to Australia, Susan, not surprisingly, found someone else to support herself and her children.  The GRO records show a Susan getting married in 1861 in St Albans - perhaps Susan is remarrying? Ordering the marriage certificate would confirm this for Lori-Ann.

Lori-Ann hopes to get additional information on the records that can be found in Australia and in the meantime would be grateful to hear from anyone with ideas to confirm or correct the above.

Page 3

Branch Updates

Laurie Page has sent in an update to the descendants of James Kiff, born 1787, and Elizabeth (see below).  This family can be found on page 24 of the family tree.

1 JamesKiff b:1787in St Stephens,Herts d:in Northolt
.. +Elizabeth d.-innortholt
..... 2 Charlotte b: April 11, 1813
..... 2 Jarnes b: January 29, 1815
........ +Elizabeth
............. 3 Charlotte b: 1843
......2 Daniel Kiff b: March 30, 1817 in Northolt
......... +Elennor Gilby b: in Bow,Middlesex m: May 31, 1852 in Hackney
............. 3 Anne b:1853
............. 3 Rowland b: January 13, 1856
............. 3 Saphia b: February 21, 1858
............. 3 Daniel b: January 22, 1859
............. 3 Mary Maria b: February 2, 1862
............. 3 James b: October 3, 1864
............. 3 Thomas Kiff b: May 1, 1871 in Northolt d: 1930 in Hendon (RD)
................. +Lizzie Thomas b: 1870 in Wales m: August 16, 1891 in Northwood, Mdd'x- d: 1924 in Hendon (PD)
..................... 4 Trevor Thomas Kiff b: 1893 in Harrow d: 1976 in Harrow
......................... +Elsie Violet Howard b: 1895 in Stanbridge, Beds m: 1920 in Hendon (RD) d: 1993
............................ 5 Phyllis Ann Kiff b: 1930 in Harrow
................................. +Franlc Richard Page b: 1923 in Finchley im 1949
.................................... 6 Martin Frank Page b: 1952 in Hayea, tyfiddlesex
............................................ 7 Sarah Page
............................................ 7 Jason Page
.................................... 6 Laurence Howard Page b: 1954 in Leigh-on-Sea
........................................ +Susan Ann Beavis b: 1947 in Walthamstow m: 1984
............................................ 7 SIMON TIMOTHY PAGE b: 1985 in Leigh-on-Sea
.................................... 6 Derek John Page b: 1957 in Leigh-on-Sea
............................................ 7 James Page
............................ 5 Winifred
............................ 5 Joyce
............................ 5 Patricia
..................... 4 Reginald Kiff b: 1896 in Harrow d: July 31, 1916 in Ypres, Belgium
..................... 4 Nellie Kiff
..................... 4 Claud
............. 3 Edward b: 1867
..... 2 John b: December 26, 1819 in Northolt d: 1902
......... +Lydia d: 1883
............. 3 Emma b: 1843 in Harrow
............. 3 John b: 1846 in Harrow d: 1876
............. 3 Thomas b: 1848 in Harrow
................. +Annie
..................... 4 Alice h: 1872
..................... 4 Mary b: 1874
..................... 4 John b: 1878
..................... 4 Charles b: 1880
............. 3 Elizabeth b: 1850 in Harrow
............. 3 Mary Ann b: 1852
............. 3 George b: 1854
............. 3 William b: 1859
............. 3 Sarah b: 1862
.....2 Mary b: June 2, 1821
.....2 Thomas b: June 27, 1823
.....2 Sarah b: May 21, 1826

Page 4

And in a case of serendipity, another descendent of this branch has come forward - Alan Michael Kiff and his wife, Patricia Ann.  Alan's grandfather, James Kiff, b 1864 (son of Daniel Kiff and Eleanor Gilby) was a Royal Mail coachman, married to Elizabeth Wise.   James died in 1913, when Alan's father, Rowland John, was only 4.  So Rowland knew very little about the family.  At 5'3", Alan is a Kiff in true tradition.   A probable tree is below and any additions or corrections would be welcome.

Page 5

And Celia Jepps had a chance to meet Jean Trim's cousin, Agnes Kiff, who added some lovely information to that branch of the tree, as you'll see below

nl16-t2.jpg (43376 bytes)

This family history was recalled by Agnes Kiff in her 90th year at Oaklands House (My mother was staying in the same hotel on holiday). The wording in Italics have been added by me, Cefia Jepps September 1997.

Page 6

A new line for the Devon family features below, the information supplied by descendant Trish Walker.  Any ideas on how or if they relate to our current Devon tree would be, gratefully received.

Husband: Robert Kift (2556)
Bap: 27 Jun 1722     At: Plyetree, Devon, England
Died:                         At:
Buried:                     At:
Father: William  KIFT (2561)
G Father:- G mother:- mother:- G Father:- G Mother: - not known
Wife: Mary Bastone (2557)
Born:- Died:- Buried:- not known
Father:- G Father:- G mother:- mother:- G Father:- G Mother: -not known
married on: 14-Jug-1740, Not divorced,  5 children
At: Harpford Devon England
Child 1: Elizabeth Kift (betty) (2511)
Gender: Female
Baptised: 12-Sep-1749 At: Plymtree, Devon, England
Died: At:
Buried: At:
Married: John NORMAN (2510) on 30-Sep-1770 in Branscome
Child: John Norman (2512) Bp 30-0ct-1771 in Branscome
Child: Sarah Norman (1130) Bp 6-Dec-1772 in Branscome
Child: Henry Norman (2513) Bp 27-Aug-1776 in Branscome
Child: Ann Norman (2514) Bp  9-May-1779 in Branscome
Child: Susanna Norman (2515)  Bp 9-Jul-1785 in Branscome
Child 2: Mary Kift (2552)
Gender: Female
Baptised: 13-Mar-1751 At: Plymtree, Devon, England
Died: At:
Buried: At:
Married: John Norman (2464) on 25-Dec-1773 in Branscome
Child: Robert Norman (2553) Bp 18-Sep-1774 in Branscome
Child: Henry Norman (2554 ) Bp 24 -Aug-1788 in Branscome
Child: James Norman (2555) Bp 10-Jul-1796 (already great uncle to 3 childen at time of birth)
Child 3: Henry Kift (2558)
Gender: Male
Baptised: 16-Feb-1755 At: Plymtree, Devon, England
Died: At:
Buried: At:
No known marriage
Child 4: Richard Kift (2559)
Gender: male
Baptised: 30-Oct-1757 At: Plymtree, Devon, England
Died: Buried:
No known marriage
Child 5: Ann Kift (2580)
Gender: Female
Baptised: 28-Oct-1759 At: Plymtree, Devon, England
No known marriage

Page 7

And finally, a branch of our Welsh tree has been filled out by Debra Brown, Melton South, Victoria, Australia 3338.  She descends from Robert Kift, who can be found tentatively placed on page 10 of the Welsh tree.  Robert's date of birth varies depending on what information one uses to calculate it.  The 1851 census gives his age as 22 years, so an approximate birth date would be 1829.  Debra believes Robert was married at age 21 at Oystermouth.  Our records show his marriage taking place in 1847, so the date of birth there could be 1826.  And Robert's death certificate in 1888 gives his age as 56 years, ie a birth date circa 1832.  Debra would be delighted to correspond with anyone who has any information on the tree and, in the meantime, her ancestral tree is as follows:-

wpe1.jpg (36485 bytes)

Page 8

The Unknown Warrior

It was William Daniel Kiff, who with his sister, Mabel Eleanor Kiff (May)'s husband, Ivan Franklin, helped to make the coffin for the unknown warrior at Westminster Abbey.

The GRO records show William Daniel, born 4th 1893 in Hendon.  William went on to marry Miss Blagden in 3rd(Quarter) 1924, Hendon.  They had three sons, Kenneth P in 2nd 1925, Hendon; William J W in Ist 1933, Hendon; quicidy followed by Horace J in 4th 1934, Hendon.  To follow the boy's fortunes a step further, the records show that Kenneth married Miss Langston in Harrow in 4th 1949.

Alan and Pat Kiff, who's branch features above, think that William could have been the brother of a Rowland Kiff, possibly the Rowland on their tree.  But further confirmation of that is needed.

The records also show a Mabel Eleanour Kiff who was born in 2nd 1896 in Hendon, but I cannot see any marriage to an Ivan Franklin.  Any help would be gratefully appreciated, as would a reminder of the well-known firm of coffin-makers they worked for.

Research Undertaken

Sandra Thomas came across the following at the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyih:-

1861 census
31 Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth, RG 6/4195
Henry Kift Head M 60 Mine Agent Glostershire, Bristol
Margaret Wife M 49 London, Middx
Lidia DinL M 26 London, Middx
Arthur Gson U 4 Scholar London, Surrey
Blanche Gdau U 3 Scholar Cardiganshire, Aberystwyth
Clara Gdau U 1 Cardiganshire, Aberystwyth
and two servants

There were no Kifts listed on the 1841, 1851, 1871 and 1881 census records for Aberystwyth.

Celia Jepps has come up with the following bits and pieces:-

Marriage 1855, April 8, parish of Bishop's Hatfield
John Tyler 24 Bachelor Labourer Haffield William Tyler Carpenter
Mary Rebeeca Kiff 16 Spinster Hatfield Samuel Kiff Labourer

From the Hertford Local Studies Library census indices,


203 Hertford Heath, 4fl08-146, 1705

Kiff Angelina 3
        Emma 25
        Maria 30
        Sarah 74
        Sarah 35

88 Hertford Heath, 8f424-440, 1711

Kiff Elizabeth 14
        George 21
        John 49
        Martha 49
        Sarah 6

49 Hertford Heath, 8f424-440, 1711

Kiff Harrict 17 
        John 10
        Mary 56
       William 29

54 Hertford Heath, 8f424-440, 1711

Kiff James 26   
       Martha 20  
       Louisa Jane 0

119 Three Crowns Yard, Watford, 1df235-251

Kiff Martha 44
George 24
John 19 
Henry 16
William 14
Alfred 7

61 High Street, Watford, lef208-234

Kiff John 60
Elizabeth 59
Richard 30
John 28
Eliza 24
George 22
Ann 20
William 2

 Red Cow, St Albans, 6b 108
Kiff George 70
Chiswell Green, St Albans, 6c 63
Kiff William 47
Verulam Road, St Albans, 4a 78
Kiff Charles 21



Bunker Hill(?), Chipping Barnet
Richard Kiff H M 35 Carman Herts, St Stephens
Rebeeca W M 27 Beds, Gust North(?)
Jane Dau 10 Scholar Herts, Colney Heath
Barbara Dau 8 Scholar Beds, Gust (?)
Richard Son 6 Scholar Herts, St Albans
Rehecea Dau 3 Herts, St Albans


Cockfosters Village, Barnet Road East, Holy Trinity
Barbara Kiff Lodg 19 General Servant Barford(?), Beds
in the household of Betsey Welsh, a shopkeeper

Alberts Road, East Barnet
Frederick Pye H M 29 Carman Enfield, Middx
Jane W M 24 Enfield, Middx
John Kiff Nursechild 9 Scholar New Bamet
William Kiff Nursechild 7 Scholar New Barnet
Thomas Flye Bro 24 Carman Enfield
Hannah Pye W 24 London
Lenny he dau 7mo New Barnet

Celia wonders if 'nursechild' could be an old tern for 'foster child'? John and William are probably the children of Richard and Rebecea, as Rebeeca died in 1868 in Barnet.

Trent Lodge, Hadley Common, Middx, RG10 1332, folio 184, p 44
William Kiff H Widr 67 Farm Bailiff St Albans
Ann Dau Unm 45 Middx, Enfield
Charlotte Dau Unm 41 Middx, Enfield


12 Burrard Road, Hampstead St Pancras
Eleanour Kiff Sery 24 General Servant Birmingham
Eleanour worked for Thomas G Clues, a 32 year old banker's clerk

11 Greencroft Gardens, St Pancras
Caroline Kiff Serv 2 1 Domestic Servant St Pancras
Caroline worked for Walter T Waring, a 67 year old living on his own means

20 Wybert St, St Pancras, RG12 116-118
William Kiff H M 56 Carman Colney, Middx
Louisa W M 49 Dressmaker Colney, Nfiddx
Mary A Dau 23 Shenley
William J Son 22 Book binder Shenicy
Charles C Son is Shenley
Louisa L Dau 13 Chocolate maker Shenicy
Francis A Son 10 Scholar St Pancras

War Deaths, 1914-1918 War

Charles Kiff, 5163
13th Battalion London (Kensington) Enlisted Holloway, resided Finsbwy
In the Sailors Library, Southwold, Suffolk, a list of shipowners 1989-1990 had the following:-

Kiff & Son Inc
Route 2, PO Box 318
Cutt Off LA 70345 USA
fishing ship Helen Antoinette Kiff
fishing ship Welton A Kiff

Kiffe & Kiffe Ine
PO Box 206
Larase LA 70373 USA
fishing ship Flying Cloud

Page 11

And finally Celia has sent in a sketch of these two headstones from St Andrew's Church, Little Berkhampstead.

DIED MAY 15TH 1943 AGED 89


BORN SEPT. 15TH 1837 DIED NOV. 9TH 1925

Page 12

Harry James Kiff, Born ?

Ray Warden, of Devon, is researching the Ransley family and came across Rosina Priscilla Ransley, who married Harry Wallace Kiff on 23 July, 1911 at All Saints, Prittlewell, Essex.  Harry's father was Harry James Kiff, an agent.

Harry, jnr, and Rosina lived at 9, Albion St, Milton Road, Southend. They had two sons, Wallace H (Walter) Kiff, born 1912 in West Ham, and Ernest F H Kiff, born 1914 in Romford. Both boys had distinguished naval careers in World War 11 and it is thought they were decorated.

Harry was an able seaman and died during the First World War on 14 September, 1916, aged 30. He was buried in Gillingham military section, New Cemetery, row 24, no 1255, Naval section.  Rosina remarried in 1935, to Harry Bollinbroke.

A look at the GRO records show a Wallace H Kiff marrying a Miss Budden in East Ham in 1939.  There are two possible references for Ernest:- Ernest F R Kiff marrying Miss Sanctuary in East Ham in 1937 and Ernest F Kiff marrying Miss Carrick in Ilford in 1947. The birth indexes which run up to 1950 don't show any offspring under any of these maiden names.

Mr Warden would very much like to know what happened to Ernest and Wallace(Walter).   Any information would be gratefully received.

If we turn briefly to the top of the tree, our records don't appear to show a Harry James Kiff, but there is James Henry Kiff, born 1848 in St Lukes, who was married to Mary Maria Harding. The 1881 census for Tottenham shows the couple with three children:- William Alfred Henry, b 1876; Annie Grace L, bc 1878, Ella Elizabeth L (Nelly), bc 1880.   James Henry is shown as a clerk in a carpet manufacturers.  It is also thought that there may have been a fourth child for the couple..- John Ernest H Kiff, born 1883.

If the 1891 census for this family is eventually found it would confirm if Harry Wallace Kiff was a part of this family or not. Further details would he welcome.

GRO Certificates

Peter Kiff has sent in some copies of birth, marriage and death certificates, which contain the
following information. If they relate to your branch and you'd like fuller dews, or copies, please let Lori-Ann Foley know.


Bridgewater, Middlezoy, Somerset
21 st November 1837 1/2 past noon Middlezoy
Edmund, son of John Kift, butcher, and Mary, formerly Browning
Informant: Ann Browning, Nurse, Middlezoy

Barnstable, Braunton, Devon
14th August 1841 Braunton
John, son of George Kiff, labourer, and Esther, formerly Bennett
Informant: Esther Kiff, mother, Braunton

Watford, Rickmersworth, Hertford
1st April 1842 Sarratt
James, son of John Kiff, labourer, and Maria, formerly Bailey
Informant: Maria Kiff, mother, Sarratt

Hendon, Edgeware, Middlesex
5th March 1862 Great Stanmore
Herbert John, son of Thomas Kiff, maltster journeyman, and Jane, formerly Ansell
Informant: Jane Kiff, mother, Great Stanmore (Webmasters  Great Great Grandparents)

Brentford, Acton, Middlesex
24th March 1898 57 Railway Cottages, Acton
Albert John, son of Herbert John Kiff, railway ticket collector, and Emily, formerly Wilson
Informant: H J Kiff, father, 57 Railway Cottages, Acton (Webmasters Great Grandparents and Grandfather)

Hendon, Harrow, Middlesex
13th April 1928 23 Westbury Avenue, Wembley
Peter Roland, son of Albert John Kiff, mechanical engineer, and Lily, formerly Newman
Informant: L Kiff, mother, 23 Westbury Avenue, Wembley (Webmasters Grandparents and uncle)


Parish Church, Stokestey, York 25th September 1837
Edward Henry Kiff, full age, bachelor, spinner, Stokesley, no father given
Mary Harrison, minor, spinster, Stokesley, Thomas Harrison, Woolcomber
Witnesses: Jarnes Bolt and Thomas Cole

Superintendent Registrars Office, District of St Albans Union 1 st May 1843
George Kiff, of full age, bachelor, labourer, Dagnall Lane, St Albans, James Kiff, labourer
Elizabeth Timson, 20 years, spinster, Blue House, St Michaels, William Timson, labourer
Witnesses: William Heall and Hannah Timson

Parish Church, Watford Hertford 22nd February 1846
Thomas Kiff, full, bachelor, maltster, Watford, Joseph Kiff, Maltster
Jane Ansell, full, spinster, Watford, Cicorge Pain Ansell, deceased bookmaker
Witnesses: Thomas Ansell and Eliza Kiff (Webmasters  Great Great Grandparents)

By banns, St Giles in the Wood, Devon 17th April 1848
John Kiff, of full age, bachelor, labourer, Bickingtode(?) Village, Fremington, William Kiff, Labourer
Eliza Bennet, of full age, spinster, glover, Honeyford(?) St Giles, no father listed
Witnesses: Matthew Cock(?) and Susan Diamond(?)

Harlesdon, Willesdon, Middlesex 12th December 1887
Herbert John Kiff, 25, bachelor, railway ticket collector, 69 Wendover Road, Thomas Kiff, deceased
Emily Wilson, 26, spinster, 69 Wendover Road, Jesse Wilson, Inspector of Waterworks
Witnesses: Emily Millicent Kiff and Jesse Wilson (Webmasters   Great Great Grandparents)

Register Office, Edmonton, Middlesex 11 th April 1914
John Kiff, 25, bachelor, hospital attendant, Nofth Eastern Hospital, St Anns Road, Tottenham, Richard Joseph Kiff, deceased, cattle dealer
Lilian Kate White, 23, spinster, 116 Clinton Road, Tottenham, Perey White, deceased, cellarman
Witnesses: J E Haspineall and W Methuen

Parish Church, Acton, Middlesex 19th April 1924
Albert John Kiff, 26, bachelor, engineer, 57 Old Oak Lane, Willesdon Junction, Herbert John Kiff, deceased, railway inspector
Lily Newman, 28, spinster, 11 Nemoure Road, Acton, Frank Newman, farm labourer
Witnesses: Herbert Frederick Kiff and George Newman (Webmasters Grandparents again)


Willesdon, Park Royal, Middlesex
24th January 1963 Central Middlesex Hospital, Park Royal
Albert John Kiff, 64 years of 23 Westbury Avenue, Wembley, a foreman engineer (Alas Webmasters Grandfather I was 4 at the time)

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